Affordable EMR Software

MedVault EMR software is a web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that is comprehensive, easy to use and most of all affordable. MedVault accommodates the complexities of large clinics while catering to the requirements of a single practice. MedVault EMR is an advanced EMR product that enables providers to automate and streamline workflow and billing in health care environments.

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Affordable Electronic Medical Records & Office Workflow Software

One Software Is All You Need!

Why have separate software to manage your business when one MedVault can do it all!
Save time, money, and clicks. Seamlessly manage appointments, staff, and automate billing to top insurance providers. MedVault can be customized by practice and we are committed to incorporating state level programs. MedVault will work with your practice to incorporate changes specific to your regulations.

Appointment Calendar

Managing appointments is a breeze. Shuffle patients easily and maintain organization. Color coded cells let you visually get information quickly. Our mobile view allows you to see schedules anywhere!

Expiring Authorization Code Alerts

Authorizations are easily managed! Expiring patients can be identified by a simple report. Remaining visits and re-evaluation intervals are also readily available.

Print Branded, Detailed Co-Pay Receipts

Print receipts with your identity directly from MedVault. Record and invoice cash, check, or charges for copays, deductables, cash visits, cancellation fees, and supplies. View patient payments with one click!

CPT Code Views and Billing Rates

Customized CPT code billing rates. Choose the codes you or your practice perform, set the rate, and that's it. Search by CPT code and analyze patient/procedure demographic and revenue data.

Automate Billing to Top Insurance Providers

MedVault already has integration with top insurance providers, including Medicaid and Medicare. Reconciling is simple and there is no need for a dedicated staff member.

No Faxing HICVA Forms

MedVault already has feeds established to top insurance providers. This means no more printing and faxing HICVA forms! This also means no more tracking and reconciling billing records. This also means fewer mistakes. Automated exports are generated from consistent stored values.

No More Manual Billing Through Provider Websites

Automatically send billing information to service providers without manually re-entering patient visit information on billing provider portals. MedVault manages the visits and automates the billing. Easily report on billing status'.

Real-Time Billing Pipeline Reporting

Instantly view where billing dollars are in the office workflow. Identify bottlenecks so you can make the small changes that mean big revenue.

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